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Look4ideas LED Lighting Design  
Look4ideas LED Lighting Design
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LED Lighting

6 Rugeley Ave
Long Eaton
NG10 2EU

Tel:+44(0)115 9193657
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+44(0)115 8370494
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Light, when applied correctly, can transform our environment as well as peoples’ perception of form and space.

Look4ideas Design is a multi disciplinary design practice with the main focus on LED lighting design.

A UK company based in Nottingham dedicated to bringing the very latest in LED lighting design, illuminations, equipment, products and services to our customers. We offer a unique experience of lighting our environment with the best LED lighting technology

By offering a wide range of products and Design services manly focusing on LED lightings and urban regeneration we want to fulfil the gap between the LED lighting, technology, architectural design and the creative industries as well as individuals who wish to use lighting technology and wish to go beyond.

Also we go beyond and we challenge design. We use our skills to design the future we have worked on Architectural and urban regeneration projects as well as high street design and regeneration.
We even start working in our new product range that includes LED lighting

We are growing towards a multi disciplinary design practice with a main focus is LED lighting design

We provide LED lighting design, ideas, and solutions for interior and exterior decorations, stage, architectural illuminations and urban applications. We only work with LED lighting technology.

Our unique position is to offer a completely independent LED lighting design and consultation as well as offering the option of one stop shop consultancy, design, and supply of LED products from our carefully selected suppliers, manufacturers, LED lighting inventors as well as a range of our own branded LED luminaries. By cutting the “middleman” we can push the barriers and offer more design, more art, more eco friendly solutions than spending all our clients’ budget in administration fees. We offer a sustainable business operation with and eco friendly lighting design.

Our LED light design skills mixed with high end LED lighting engineering knowledge can offer lighting design solutions and light artwork directly to clients. Also we collaborate with other designers or artists and work with architects and construction companies offering functional as well as decorative lighting solutions.

If required we can bring together artists, designers, installers, product  supply and project  management, creating a dynamic, flexible, cost effective team that can deliver any size or budget lighting project exclusively using LED lighting.

Our portfolio ranges from just simply supply of LED luminaries from our online shop to full project management lighting design, LED luminary customisation, LED product supply and artistic input and architectural recommendations with bespoke fabrication of sculptures or architectural choice of materials that will work with our LED lighting designs.

Interior and Exterior environments as well as Urban lighting can benefit from LED lighting. Architectural design can hugely benefit and a scheme can be enhanced by using LED light.
We are offering clients an eco friendly design package that meets any government CO2 emission cuts which will be within their  budget.

Next generation ultra bright LEDs give more light in a range of colours whilst also saving energy. These innovative lights are the cutting edge of technology and we always make sure to find the right products for our clients’ project independent of manufacturer.

LED lighting products give you the freedom to express your creativity and designs - a fresh concept for interior designers, artists, the entertainment industry, stage planners, architects, landscape designers, light designers and engineers.  We are happy to work in collaboration or as a subcontractor.

We can also consult and custom design LED lights to meet your needs, offer LED programming services using the latest lighting programming software, Independent LED lighting design and we can specify and consult on LED lighting installations.

Take a look at our LED applications and Projects: Click Here

Also please visit our brand new online shop

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